Thursday, October 29, 2015

Workshop in May

The great man himself, Joseph Zbukvic -- one of my most favourite watercolour artists.
Zbukvic's demo painting, still wet
Zbukvic's second demo painting
Zbukvic's demos at front for inspection and copying

In May 2015, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a watercolour workshop, courtesy of the Watercolour Society of WA, taught by the great watercolour artist Joseph Zbukvic.  I was also unfortunate enough to have been very, very ill with something that was directly turning into a nasty infection known here as quinsy.  However, the night before the workshop, I dragged myself to the doc, who told me it was mono/glandular fever (it most definitely wasn't) and I should stay home from the workshop (I didn't) and who took a lot of blood tests, the results of which I received while in an ambulance a day or so later.  I promise I didn't breathe on anyone -- but they couldn't have caught it anyway :)
I am so glad I went to this workshop.  Wow, a huge learning curve -- I had only been painting earnestly for about 3 months at this point so I was very very new.  I think I had done only 3 or 4 paintings at the time.  I was pretty chuffed when the great Mr. Z complimented my work and said I did not appear to be a beginner and that at least I knew how to make a wash. 

Above are the paintings that Mr Z. did, and below are my poor copies.  Poor as they may be, they are hanging on the wall as a reminder of that fairly awesome day.

My first copy from Zbukvic demo.

My second copy from Zbukvic demo.  Now you can see why HE makes the big bucks. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jewels' Girls

In Progress at Ellis House, Bayswater

 Jewels' Girls with Kitten
12x16 (A3)

Do you remember years ago, when blogging was a pretty new thing, there was a gorgeous, absolutely stunning blog called Eyes of Wonder?  What an amazing blog (and an amazing mama blogger) that was.  I wouldn't be the only person to say that Eyes of Wonder changed the way I viewed large family life, homeschooling, homesteading, even chores and housework.  Jewels, the author, wrote beautifully and her photos were equally wonderful.

Over time, Jewels and I became internet friends ;) and recently she gave me permission to use some of her beautiful photos as inspiration for a series I'm planning to do on family.  Part of what makes her photos special is the handmade, vintage-styled clothing her children wore.  It made for gorgeous photos and I think it will make equally beautiful paintings.

As a thank-you, I made the very first painting especially for Jewels, and sent it off to her.  These are her two eldest girls.  She loved it. :)